Introduction to Drop Technology

The Technology

The core capability of Drop Technology is the company's knowledge and intellectual property of drop analysis and measurement technologies. Our instruments are the culmination of many years of fundamental and applications research. We hold several sessile and pendant drop instrumentation patents based on photonic technologies. As a research driven organisation our drop science knowledge continues to advance rapidly.

The Sessile Drop

A sessile drop is one which is placed on the top of a surface. This form of our technology analyses the drop sample in this stationary state. These sessile drops are 4 microlitres or less insize. Comprehensive research into the way light is transmitted through a fully formed sessile drop sample has led Drop Technology to develop a microdrop analyser. This new Transmitted Light Drop Analyser (TLDA®), has many and varied applications ranging from its use as a classical microvolume UV-visible spectrophotometer to rapid methods for the analysis of nucleic acid and protein samples. Sample drops are loaded by standard pipetting techniques after which measurement time is merely a matter of seconds. So it is possible, with little training, to measure 96 samples in under one hour.